The Changing Face of Terrorism

In the recent past, terrorists’ recruitment and radicalization have evolved in all aspects such as the methods, the avenue of recruitment to the recruiters and the recruits. This phenomenon has led to what is now referred to as “The new terrorism” or “The Changing Face of Terrorism” where we are now seeing younger militants, female terrorists and use of internet as an avenue of radicalization.

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Terrorists groups such as the Al Shabaab have taken advantage of the open and ungoverned architecture of the Internet. They have flooded online platforms with recruitment and radicalization content that get reposted and forwarded uncontrollably among Kenyan youth. Common platforms in Kenya include WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Telegram among others.

TASK: Develop a video (Not more than five minutes) to illustrate:

1. How violent extremists use social media to recruit and radicalize the youth.

2. How the youth can use online platforms to counter violent extremists’ narratives.



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In the past, men have been dominating the list of terrorists; however, there is the increased use of women by terrorist groups. In Kenya, many young women are on the police terrorist watchlist, others have been killed as they attempted terror attacks in the country, tens of others have crossed over to Somalia and Libya to fight alongside the militants.

TASK: Develop a video (Not more than five minutes) to illustrate:

i. The new phenomenon of women terrorists

ii. How women can spearhead the fight against recruitment, radicalization and terrorism.

iii. How all youth are vulnerable and can be recruited by terrorist groups not only Muslims

Al Shabaab are not only targeting the Muslim youth or restricting their recruitment along the Kenya- Somalia border communities but they are targeting all Kenyan youth regardless of their tribe, religion, economic and education background whereby, university students/graduates are carrying out terrorist attacks.

TASK: Develop a video (Not more than five minutes) to illustrate:

i. How any Kenyan youth can fall prey to violent extremists’ narratives (depict the “unorthodox” terrorist).



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Terrorism was in the past associated with adults but lately children as young as 9 years are used as suicide bombers.

TASK: Develop a video (Not more than five minutes) illustrating the:

1. Importance of educating children versus children joining a terrorist group
2. The irony of Al Shabaab leaders who do not use their own children to carry out the terrorist attacks yet they use child soldiers in their ranks.