Lenga Ugaidi Na Talanta Winners Feted In Gala Awards

The Lenga Ugaidi Na Talanta Competition 2018 came to an end on December 5th occasioned by the Gala awards. Invited guests and participants graced the event at Norfolk to witness the awarding of the best content makers under the theme ‘Fighting Terrorism Through Art’

This year’s competition was launched on 1st October 2018 which was also the official opening for submissions with the deadline slated for 16th November. Thereafter, a panel of judges selected the best 7 nominees from the various categories; Poetry, Music and Film submissions. This was then followed by the gala event where they were feted.

This year’s competition included two new categories Music and Poetry, a step made to accommodate different types of art in the fight against terrorism. Participants both male and female originate from various parts of the country.

Categorised into 7 spots, the winner of the day was awarded Ksh 500,000, 1st runners up walked away with Ksh250,000 as the 2nd runners up took home 100,000. Winners of the Music and Poetry categories walked away with Ksh100,000 each. The judges’ award came with a Smartphone as the price and the youngest entrant a Tablet

In attendance was the Government spokesman Eric Kiraithe among other heads in the interior ministry and education ministry.

Here is the complete list of winners Lenga Ugaidi Na Talanta Season 2

Winner Alex Wabela

1st runners up Dennis Nderitu

2nd runners up Mungai Kinyanjui

Best In Music Maureen Lugano

Best In Poetry Caroline Ngorobi

Young Entrant Lox Ponde

Judges Award Alufwani Jacktone

Themes for This Year Were

The true meaning of Jihad

Jihad is arguably the most misused term in Islam. Terrorists relay it as an obligation to fight anyone that counters their narrative. (more…)

The role of women and children in radicalization and Terrorism

In the past men have been dominating the list of terrorists; however, there is the increased use of women and children by terrorist groups. (more…)

The role of Social Media in radicalisation and Terrorism

Terrorists groups such as the Al Shabaab have taken advantage of the open and ungoverned architecture of the Internet. (more…)

How to effectively and responsibly respond to terror attacks

In the unfortunate event of a terrorist attack, inappropriate response to the incident may lead to more injuries and deaths, some regrettably not inflicted by the terrorists. (more…)

Peer responsibility

During radicalization a young man or woman may exhibit varied indicators such as: sudden changes in their outlook and appearances. (more…)

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